• Direct Access to Worker Credentials

    Stop wasting time and money chasing worker credentials. With the Digital Work Wallet, access them anytime and anywhere.

  • Post FREE Job Ads

    Post your FREE job ad and receive applications from construction workers who have the right skills, experience, and qualifications through data-matching technology.

  • Speed up the Recruitment Process

    Start chatting with workers in the app to find out if they are a good fit before getting them on the job, or inviting them in for an interview.

  • Simplify Your Construction Work Chat

    Create a better work-life balance by separating your personal chat and your construction work chat with Tap4Work’s in-app chat feature.

  • Quickly Review & Shortlist Applicants

    Save time sifting through resumes and emails by filtering and shortlisting applicants within the app.

  • Get Help From Your Team

    Invite your team to help create and manage job ads, and organise work and projects through the construction work chat.

Ready to Build Faster in Construction?

'Post FREE construction job ads, get instant access workers' credentials in the Digital Work Wallet, and get more work-life balance with the in-app chat on Tap4Work.

How to Tap4Workers?

Through the power of technology that matches a workers skills, experience and qualifications with your jobs, here’s how employers can find the right workers quickly, easily and for free.

Download and Sign-up

Once you download the app to Tap4Work, build your business profile and list your job ad, completely free.

Post Job Ads and Invite Your Workers

Easily review, rate and shortlist applicants within the app, and invite your team to help you manage applications.

Send Messages and Get Access to Worker Credentials

Save time interviewing the wrong applicants by chatting with them in the app first, to find out if they are the right fit.

Verify Workers Credentials

Get Access to Workers' Digital Work Wallet

Invite your workers to the app to get access to their tickets, licenses and qualifications, anytime and anywhere.

Save Time and Money Chasing Workers for Their Credentials

Every year construction businesses waste hours and thousands of dollars hunting workers credentials down. Not now, with the Digital Work Wallet

No More Project Delays

No more project delays because worker credentials are holding you back from getting the job done.

Get on the Construction Work Chat

  • Keep your construction work chat in the one place

  • Get to the job site quicker by coordinating with your workers through the Tap4Work chat app

  • Keep your work-life balance in check by separating your personal and business messaging in the Tap4Work app

  • Increase efficiency and productivity on the job site by using Tap4Work's chat app to streamline communication with your workers

    Collaborate and Connect Quicker on the Mobile App

    With the Tap4Work mobile app you can quickly and easily manage construction work communication, store and access workers’ credentials, post FREE job ads and discover new work and workers on the run.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Need help getting started with Tap4Work? Here are some FAQs to help guide you.

    Yes, you are able to provide access to another Tap4Work user to act as a Business Manager. Business Managers have access to all Job Adverts, Groups & Messages. They will not however be able to update any of the Business details, that remains with the User who created the Business Account

    Job Adverts will run for 30 days at which time you will be prompted to Close or continue displaying your advert

    No, there is no limit. The contacts will need to have their own Tap4Work account however to send & receive messages with you

    Still have a question? Ask your question here