• Simplify Life With the Digital Work Wallet

    Ditch the paperwork and safely store your tickets, licenses and qualifications in the Digital Work Wallet. Easily share them with employers through the app, or onsite.

  • Search for Construction Work

    Find your ideal construction job fast. Search for construction work that matches your profile in your area.

  • Build Your Network in Construction

    Say goodbye to the stress of constant work notifications, and hello to a more balanced work and personal life with the work chat feature.

  • Keep Your Hard Earned Cash

    Keep all of your hard-earned cash in your pocket because no more middlemen are taking a cut!

  • Get Hired Quicker

    Chat with employers in the app to learn about the company and work conditions, so you can ace the interview and snag your ideal construction job.

  • Easily Tap for Work

    Tap4Work makes it easy to apply for jobs and keep track of your applications - all in one place with just a few clicks.

Ready to Simplify Life and Find Construction Work?

Search for construction jobs in your area and ditch the paperwork by storing your licenses, tickets and qualifications in the Digital Work Wallet

More Construction Work, Less Paperwork

Want more construction jobs or contracts? Ready to leave the hassle of paperwork behind you?

Sign-up and Search for Construction Work

Once you download the app to Tap4Work, build your profile and start searching for jobs. Through technology, your skills, experience and qualifications will be matched with the right jobs.

Setup your Digital Work Wallet

Ditch the paperwork and make the switch to the Digital Work Wallet where you can safely store and share your licenses, tickets and qualifications in one place, and receive notifications when they are expiring.

Easily Apply for Jobs

After finding the perfect job, clicking Apply sends your application directly to the employer and lets you chat with them within the app.

The Digital Work Wallet

Never risk losing or forgetting your licenses, tickets, or qualifications again. Safely store them in the digital work wallet ready to share onsite or directly with employers in the app.

Receive Alerts When Credentials are Expiring

Never risk being turned away from a job site again. Get alerts when your tickets, licenses and qualifications are up for renewal.

Get Discovered for Construction Work

Search for construction jobs and get discovered by businesses that need your skills.

Save Space in Your Wallet

Now you can store your credentials in one place, instead of in your physical wallet.

Never Lose Your Credentials

Because they are safely stored in your app wallet you will never lose them again.

Search for Construction Jobs and Get Discovered for Work

  • Never miss out on another job or contract again

  • Stay in the loop with the construction scene and get discovered for work in your preferred location

  • Keep all your hard-earned cash in your pocket because no more middlemen are taking a cut

    Collaborate and Connect Quicker on the Mobile App

    With the Tap4Work mobile app you can quickly and easily manage construction work communication, store and access workers’ credentials, post FREE job ads and discover new work and workers on the run.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Need help getting started with Tap4Work? Here are some FAQs to help guide you.

    Yes, in the Job Advert screen, the message icon appears next to the Submit Application button. Click the message Icon and you can send a message to the Business without having to apply for the job

    No, your worker profile is only accessible to a Business User if you apply for their job or you accept their ‘Contact Invitation’. Being discovered by employers is a feature that is coming soon.

    We are regularly updating our lists of Roles, Skills, Qualifications and Experience. If you have an of these you would like added, please email us at support@tap4work.com.au and will get the lists updated

    Still have a question? Ask your question here